“Coco (formerly Angel) is my second cat,” Angela explains. “I lost my first one, Kittycat, at the age of 17 in May, 2016.

“I went to see another kitty at the PetSmart Adoption Center in Hazel Dell. I visited with that kitty awhile, but then I saw Coco and asked to play with her. She jumped right up on my lap and began making biscuits, rubbing and looked into my eyes. I knew then that we were a match.

“When I brought Coco home, she was initially shy and hid under the bed. I just let her hide for a few hours and talked to her. She finally came out and discovered her very own cat tree and toys. That first night she slept in her cat tree condo. After that she settled right in.

“She’s been a true ‘angel’ and joy for me. Every morning I get head butts, rubs, love bites and kisses, and every night she comes up on my chest and tucks me in. My mom adores her and she took to my mom immediately. She’s a very social kitty so she enjoys when my friends come over. But she has her limits when it comes to attention, preferring to be petted and loved on her terms.

“I was told that she didn’t get along with other cats, but because I have no other animals, she’s doing just fine and enjoys being in charge around the house. She’s also a very smart cat, so it’s a challenge to keep her from getting bored. She mostly likes paper balls, metal clips from work, and climbing and jumping on her cat tree. More than anything else though she LOVES a red laser which she would chase 24 hours a day!

“She’s also a ‘trick’ cat. When I throw catnip mice or other toys in the air, she will jump and turn like an acrobat. She’s pretty proud when she does this. In the morning, she will look into my face and wait for me to open an eye. It’s truly adorable. And at night, because she fell in love with her cat tree the night she came home, that’s where she sleeps – way up high in the round perch.

“Thank you, Furry Friends!”

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