Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Dufur and the Gilberts

Dufur sitting on the soft, pink blanket

Dufur peering over his bed“Life is good!” Elaine declares. “My husband and I have had at least eight cats during our 55 years of marriage, and we both agree that while Dufur (formerly Garfield) has proven the most challenging to acclimate, he’s been more than worth the effort. All of our grown children, who are dedicated cat owners themselves, have met him and given him a ‘paw’s up’ of approval.

“Definitely a ‘keeper’, with his own cute and quirky behaviors, he’s blessed with the glossiest of coats and the loudest of meows, which can be somewhat unsettling at 4:30 AM. Leery of children but extremely fond of men, he especially enjoys their more vigorous petting, and is partial to long, soothing sleeps throughout the day.

Dufur being held in a lady's arms“Still somewhat skittish at loud, unexpected sounds, and with a slight independent streak, Dufur eats when he pleases, rarely plays, and even dislikes treats. What he really likes, though, is the catio, but sadly, the rain and cold have kept him indoors and away from watching the wonders of the outside world. Once the good weather returns, he’ll be back in kitty heaven.

“In the meantime, there’s my lap! In fact, nothing’s more soothing or more comforting than spending my evenings in the recliner with dearest Darfur warming my lap.”

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Diane Stevens