Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Lady Jane Grey Dudley, Queen Guinevere

Bobby Sue sitting in a cat bed, looking to the left

Bobbie Sue loves her new regal name of Queen Guinevere.

Lady Jane Grey Dudley and Queen Guinevere laying on the carpet togetherMeow about a marvelous mouthful!

As a long time cat lover, Mary Lou has long known that nothing makes life fuller or a home happier than the companionship of a kitty. But then, this long time cat lover doubled that pleasure by adopting two kiss-able kittens named Billie Jean and Bobbie Sue. Kittens she renamed, most regally and romantically, Lady Jane Grey Dudley and Queen Guinevere.

“Not only are they sisters,” says Mary Lou, “they’re the best of friends. Friendly and funny, they provide me with lots of laughs as well as with company.

“Their adjustment to living here was immediate, and both are a combination of energetic and easygoing, with a slight independent streak. They’re not true lap cats just yet – they prefer being petted to being cuddled – but I’m hoping that will change over time.

Queen Guinevere laying on her back“To say playtime is their favorite time would be an understatement, and their playthings include wads of brown paper, rubber golf balls, feather toys, and wands with a scratching pad in the center and a ball on the outside.

“Two of their cuter quirks are the way they both sleep belly up, and the way one of them will literally grab my arm to be petted.

“As for sleeping? They choose different places, from table tops to cat cradles – whatever tickles their fancy at the moment.”

Lady Jane Grey Dudley, formerly known as Billy Jean.

Lady Jane Grey Dudley, formerly known as Billy Jean.

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Diane Stevens