Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Magnum and Tamara (Tillinghast) Haskett

Striking Seal Point Siamese, Magnum, may have caught Tamara’s eye in the cold of February, but he’s brought her only warmth since then, acting as her kitty security blanket while she adjusts to a new and different life.

“After the death of my previous cat, Richard, I knew I needed another Siamese,” says Tamara, “and when I adopted Maggi – as I sometimes call him – in April, I knew I’d made the right choice.

“He wasn’t much of a people puss at first, but he’s quickly turned into one. He’s also grown more affectionate. He may not enjoy being cuddled, but he LOVES being petted and stroked while he purrs up a storm. His favorite activities are eating and sleeping, playing and spending time with my parents and me. He also enjoys being brushed and snacking on treats, ALL treats. And although there are two dogs in the house, a Papillon/Shih tzu cross named Herbie and a blind Chihuahua named Howie, the three seem to co-exist best at a distance so far.

“Magnum is laid back and easygoing during the day, and active and energetic at night. He LOVES playing with the laser pointer and with shoelaces. He’s had mixed results with catnip mice: sometimes he ignores them, other times he goes after them. At first he was curious about the little balls with bells inside, but after trying them out, he seemed to have developed a fear of them, so I’ve put those away for now.

“He’s a night owl, just like his mama! Whether he’s in a playful mood or just sitting beside me, nighttime is when he seems most curious and alert. And given his slightly independent streak, he enjoys being able to chill by himself for a few hours if he wants.

“He’s also quite a character. If he seems excited or nervous, Magnum will run to his ‘scratchy post’ contraption, which he LOVES, and frantically ‘milk tread’ for 20 seconds or so. Then he’ll go back to whatever he was doing. And like many Siamese, he has several unique meows. But what’s truly hilarious is watching him ‘attack’ the laser pointer, his shoelaces and the catnip mice. He’ll crouch, pounce, wiggle his big bottom, roll over on his back, and play giddily away!

“Most of the time, he sleeps on my bed. He also likes to stretch out on his M & M’s blanket on the floor. Sometimes he’ll simply flop down on the bare floor next to my bed. Whatever makes him comfortable makes me comfortable.”

Sigh …

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Diane Stevens