Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Mau Mau and Aliah O’Neill

Close up of Mau Mau

Aliah petting Mau Mau, who's laying on the floorAlthough Mau Mau is Aliah’s second senior cat (her previous senior, sweet and affectionate Athena, passed away last year at the age of 16), he’s number one in her heart.

“I really wanted to rescue an older cat because I know how hard it is for them to find homes,” explains Aliah. “Not only did I think Mau Mua was cute with a pensive face, but I also knew that he’d been waiting a long time.

“When we first met, he promptly rubbed against my leg and plopped down on the ground. He may have been shy then, but as soon as I brought him home, he sat on the sofa next to me with his paw draped over my leg. Whenever I petted him, he would purr, and he slept in my bed that first night, purring away. I immediately fell in love with his personality.

“He brings so much happiness to my life! I’m at home alone much of the time for work, and Mau Mau’s always here – whether it’s to play or to just be the cutest sleeper on earth. I already feel as though he’s been by my side forever.”

Mau Mau sitting erect on a rugAnd Mau Mau has his own agenda. He loves to “meow meow” while he sits in his cat tree staring out the window, watching the trees blow in the wind, the birds fly by and the squirrels scurry past. And he’s anything but shy about asking for food. In fact, as a true treat lover, he also feels that he should eat any time Aliah eats!

A cheerful combination of easygoing and energetic, Mau Mau alternates between sleeping and snuggling with Aliah to playing with anything he can chase – from balls to hair ties – and simply scampering through the house.

Mau Mau sleeping atop a couch“The longer we’ve known each other,” she says, “the more of a lap cat he’s become. He’s VERY affectionate. He loves being petted and is even warming up to being held, as long as it’s by me, and he’s getting plenty of rubs out of it. Sometimes he sits on my lap while I’m working at my desk, while at other times, he’ll sit next to me on the couch.

“What I especially love about him are his odd sleeping positions. He likes to hang from things as well as stretch out along my arm when it’s on an armrest. And he can sleep anywhere — in my bed and in his cat bed, on backpacks and on jackets, and on almost anything that’s left on the floor.”


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Diane Stevens