“I have had many, many cats over the years,” Karen says, “including Sati, a beautiful Maine Coon, who lived to be 19, her daughter Smudge who lived to be 20, and our beloved rescue kitties Simon, Caesar and Prissy.

“The kittens we adopted from Furry Friends had been named Panda and Padmay by the wonderful woman who had fostered them from birth. We renamed them. Panda is now known as Phoebe and Padmay is now called Luna. My granddaughters, who are studying Greek and Roman mythology, helped us choose the names. In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan associated with the moon, while Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon.

“We wanted two kittens, preferably littermates. But I didn’t want ones who looked exactly alike and I didn’t want any with the same coloring as my past cats. This litter may have been sired by multiple fathers because our kittens certainly don’t look like sisters! Luna is a soft, longhaired beauty, gray in color with lighter gray eyeliner and muzzle. Her sister Phoebe is a shorthaired black and white kitty.

“Their first day with us was so frightening for them. They wanted to stay curled up in the carrier and never, ever come out. But that soon got boring. The smells from the food bowl tempted them out, and then there were so many things to explore. It took them two days to get brave enough to leave my sewing room but it wasn’t long before they were playing chase, and running up and down the stairs – sounding more like a herd of horses than two small kittens.

“Having had senior cats for so long, I’d forgotten what a joy kittens can be. Every noise is something new to explore, to run and hide from or to attack! And I’d forgotten how funny kittens are. I giggle as they explore a brown paper grocery sack or an open drawer. We have a sliding “kitty TV” glass door filled with squirrels, birds, moths and, even, on occasion, a big fat spider. Sometimes the door is open and they can smell the world through the screen.

“They play with stuffed mice, balls, cat trees, boxes, bags, teasers, and anything that wiggles or stays still long enough to be pounced on. The best game, though, is wrestling with one another. Phoebe has a snake toy that she removed from a teaser that she carries around and kills on a daily basis. Luna loves pipe cleaners. She carries them around and will bring them to you to throw for her to fetch again and again. She’s the only kitten I’ve ever had who loves to play fetch. With so much to keep them busy, I’m flattered that they still find the time to cuddle with me.

“At nighttime, they sleep wherever they want — often in the cat tree, sometimes in bed with us. They have places they disappear to for naps that I haven’t discovered yet. Except one. Phoebe enjoys napping in my scrap basket while I’m sewing.”

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