Pregnant Cat & Newborn Kitten Facts

 1.     Cats can get pregnant when they are only 4 months old! So by the time they hit 1 year they can have up to 4 liters of kittens!

2.     Cats are only pregnant for around 63-65 days

3.     The process of preparing for kittens is called “queening”

4.     Cats typically go into heat from Jan-August that is why kitten season usually begins in March and there is a lull between Oct-February

5.     Pregnant cats can have their own version of morning sickness where they don’t feel good and may not eat or may experience vomiting.

6.     An average sized litter is 4 kittens but cats can have only 1 or 9!

7.     Kittens in the same litter can have different fathers. If a cat mates with multiple Toms during a heat cycle she can become pregnant from each one.

8.     A cat can go back into heat fairly quickly after giving birth which means she can become pregnant again while still nursing.

9.     Kittens eyes are always blue at birth and change a few times before finally staying the color they will remain for the rest of the cats life

10. Cats go into heat about every 3 weeks

11. Kittens should stay with the mom for at least 12 weeks. Not only does the mom take care of them but she teaches them proper grooming and how to behave.

12. The only way to stop a cat from going into heat and becoming pregnant is to spay your cat.

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