Familiar with the old axiom: never judge a book by its cover? The same holds true for cats deemed less desirable than other cats.

These less than “purr-fect” kitties may have medical conditions, physical limitations or behavioral issues but we at Furry Friends believe that cats with special needs deserve special owners who are dedicated to both loving them and providing them with the care and support they deserve. Our dedicated team of rescuers and fosters are of one opinion: no matter how bleak their pasts, these special cats warrant rosy futures.

To meet one of our special kitties, please contact us at information@furryfriendswa.org or leave a message on our phone at (360) 993-1097.

Furry Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit no-kill cat rescue serving Clark County, Washington and adjacent counties. Founded in 1999, we are an all-volunteer organization that rescues and adopts out homeless, relinquished, and abused cats. We shelter and care for them as long as it takes to find them forever homes. We provide medical exams, medications, spay/neuter, food, and litter for up to 240 cats each year. To learn more about us, please visit www.furryfriendswa.org.

Furry Friends’ Featured Felines are:


Born in May 2017, Annie has been with Furry Friends since May 11, 2019. Initially shy, once she trusts you, she reveals her true inner sweetness. She loves being brushed, flopping down on one side until it’s been brushed to her satisfaction before rolling onto her other side. She also loves vigorous neck rubs and ongoing pets. Dare to stop petting her, and she’ll walk between your legs, coyly rubbing them to say “meow-re paw-lease.” She also loves gazing out the window of the catio at the wonderful world outside. Abandoned by her original family when they got a puppy, she was fed by a kindly neighbor before entering out care. Because she suffers from asthma, affectionate Annie must be the only cat in a loving and fragrance-free fur-ever home. Currently we are giving her some medication for the asthma, we hope to wean her off of the meds.

* Feline asthma and other respiratory diseases may be prevented by eliminating as many allergens as possible from a cat’s environment, including pollen, molds, scented, high-dust cat litter and cat litter additives, perfumes, room fresheners, carpet deodorizers, hairspray, aerosol cleaners, cigarette smoke and some foods. Since most cats are sensitive to only one or two allergens, a cooperative effort is essential between owner and vet to narrow down the culprits and eliminate them. *


Born in September 2015, exotic, longhaired beauty, Baby Girl, has been with Furry Friends since May 1, 2018, and as a kitty purr-fectionist, this darling diva demands that the world revolve around her. Highly and happily energetic, she loves running in and out of her vinyl play tubes, playing with all of her toys and chasing after her wand toy. If you say “Baby Girl, lie down”, she’ll promptly flop down on the floor or a shelf and allow you to pet her until she signals “enough” by getting up and walking away. Stop too soon, however, and she may swipe at you – but not with her claws. Experienced owners with soft voices and a tranquil home without other animals or children are essential to winning this glamour puss’s heart in exchange for her own generous fur-ever love.


Born in June 2006, raven-haired senior, Sheena, has been with Furry Friends since December 2013. Famously fond of her own purr-sonal space, she’s not shy about purring up a storm whenever you pet her head and scratch that special spot behind her ears. On this fanciful feline’s list of loves are catnip and playing with water, particularly when it dribbles from the faucet. Having slowed down considerably over the years , she finds walking more of a challenge, and being in the early stages of renal failure, she’s even more paw-ticular about having her boundaries respected.  She has long thick fur and for her comfort and health, she gets a “lion” haircut twice a year. Because she can have a hard time keeping herself clean she gets biweekly baths – ensuring that she remains the cat’s meow! Now all Sheena wants is to spend her golden years in a calm and considerate adult-only home with room to relax and loving sunbeams to warm her.

She is on prescription renal food and needs a yearly veterinarian appointment.

Hyperthyroid Honeys


Born in November 2006, Gracie has been with Furry Friends since July 2018 and, paw step by paw step, has grown into a more social kitty. She likes sitting beside you to have her long coat brushed, and while she’s not fond of being held, she will, on occasion, curl up on your lap for a nap. A great fan of treats, she’s a chatty kitty with the merriest of meows when she wants one, two or three of them. More comfortable with calm than commotion and excellent with older mellow cats, she hopes to grace an adult only home with her gentle purr-esence now and fur-ever. Gracie has hyperthyroidism and requires topical medication daily every 12 hours to her ears.


Born in June 2013, Kiki has been with Furry Friends since May 11, 2019, and because she adores attention, she follows after you like an adoring kitty shadow. Although she’ll sit on your lap and allow you to brush her, she doesn’t like being held or having her nails trimmed. What she does like are string toys, wadded up paper, laser lights and wet food (she also needs dry food to keep her teeth clean). While she’s comfortable with older children, she must be the only pet in an attentive fur-ever home. Kiki has hyperthyroidism and requires topical medication daily every 12 hours to her ears.

* Most cats with hyperthyroidism have elevated levels of the thyroid hormone, and there are four treatment options available: medication, radioactive iodine therapy, dietary therapy and surgery. The treatment a cat receives depends on such factors as their overall health, their owner’s ability and willingness to medicate them regularly, and their financial circumstances. *

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